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The KEFA system

KEFA condensation protection coatings safeguard and protect assets

The basic idea

The KEFA system is based on the commonly-held knowledge that the right materials must be in the right place to control moisture. We stake our quality claim by ensuring that the condensation protection coatings are subject to strict manufacturing controls. The raw materials are also subject to strict controls. This gives our products their consistently high quality.

Manufacturing and philosophy

KEFA condensation protection coatings are produced ready for use. Special surfaces with special characteristics are created after the coatings are applied. These are unique and have grown into highly-effective products based on research and extensive know-how. A capable team is hard at work developing and perfecting the condensation protection coatings. A network of experts ensures on-site professional support and is at your side to help you with larger projects. This hands-on knowledge also flows into next generation products.

Kefa condensation protection coatings are:

•    strictly based on physics

•    enduring

•    environmentally compatible

•    resource preserving

•    health-compatible

•    high quality