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Industrial coating plant

KefaTherm and KefaAcoustic for machine-based coating

Trapezoidal panel coating in spraying booth
Trapezoidal panel coating in spraying booth
Coated trapezoidal panel before oven curing
Coated trapezoidal panel before oven curing
Fully coated trapezoidal panel
Fully coated trapezoidal panel

KefaTherm and KefaAcoustic Industry are coatings for panels of all types that can be coated in industrial plants. Oven curing is mandatory for Kefa Industry coatings.

Industrial coating of e.g. trapezoidal panels with KefaTherm is appropriate for all types. Bonding fleece on trapezoidal panels at high elevations is essentially impossible.

KefaTherm and KefaAcoustic can be retroactively repaired if damage occurs during installation. 5 kg containers that do not require oven curing are available for retroactive repairs.

Basically all KEFA products can be processed with a coating plant. In this case, the plant simply needs to be configured for the materials. KefaTherm Industry and KefaAkustik Industry are only approved for use in coating plants.

Coating plants operate at speeds of 3 to 10 m/min.

Coating plants can be configured to their needs.

It goes without saying that KEFA customers receive the technical support these products need.  

Fleece vs. KefaTherm

In contrast to fleece, KefaTherm is not a drainage system. A sloping roof is therefore not required. KefaTherm absorbs condensation into its micro-pore system, breaks up the surface tension and quickly evaporates the water back to the ambient air.  

Advantages of Kefa condensation protection coatings:

•    no roof slope required

•    installation damage can be repaired

•    can be adjusted to specific requirements

•    A2 classified

•    can be easily removed for recycling purposes

•    structures can be coated retroactively

•    no drainage

•    no mould growth

•    almost no electrostatic discharging

•    cleanable

•    tintable

•    ready for use

•    environmentally compatible 


Send us your enquiry if you are interested in a coating plant:

In Austria you can buy finished coated roofing sheets from DOMICO

In Vlotho, you can have your panels externally coated by FFD.

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