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KefaAkustik - more quiet indoors

KefaAkustik is a noise-insulating anti-condensation coating

Two solutions combined into one product

KefaAkustik on trapezoidal panel
KefaAkustik on trapezoidal panel
KefaAkustik graphic
KefaAkustik graphic

Non-insulating roofs made from trapezoidal panels and metal structures – from ventilation systems to control panel covers, and partitions – frequently present problems in halls and large volume structures in terms of acoustics and climate control. Everyday sound generated indoors creates an unpleasant rumbing reflection, and undesirable condensation is formed on cool surfaces and thermal bridges. The noise load is frequently unmanageable, and the dripping condensate also causes consequential damage by facilitating corrosion, damaging warehoused goods, and compromising the building structure over the long-term. Until now, conventional solutions either provided condensation or noise protection, while anti-rumbling coatings on sheetmetal result in substantial additional loads on the structure and surfaces. KefaAkustik is a unique solution that combines noise-reduction and moisture-control properties in a single product. And it does so with a minimum of additional weight load and in an ingeniously simple manner, since KefaAkustik takes advantage of physics. It effectively reduces the noise load and reliable protects against condensation water damage.

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KefaAkustik absorbs sound and shuts down dripping water at the source

Vibration noise results when materials, metal and sheetmetal in particular, absorb or reflect indoor noise or motion and begin to resonate at their natural frequency. This is perceived as unpleasant rumbling, which is why appropriate countermeasures are referred to as 'anti-rumbling'. Anti-rumbling is achieved with additional weight (for instance with weight mats or sandwich plates) to minimise the natural resonance of the material. As a result, the weight for coatings on sheet metal plays a key role, or stated differently: a proper blend of noise damping and additional weight load. More weight also means that structures need to be strengthened overall, which in turn results in higher costs.

KefaAkustik is much thinner and lighter than conventional anti-rumbling coatings, and provides a maximum of noise damping and reliability with a minimum of added weight. Its special surface structure also provides ideal protection against condensation, therefore combining the solution for both problems in a single product.

Micro-pores at work

The KefaAkustik protective coating is ingeniously simple: weight and structure create a noise-damping effect and greatly reduce noise pollution without burdening surfaces and structures with significant ballast. The coating texture also removes the surface tension from the collecting water and allows it to be distributed. Since condensation quickly vaporises under these conditions, it is unable to cause damage. Surfaces remain reliably free of dripping water and stay dry.

Industrial hall coated with KefaAkustik
Industrial hall coated with KefaAkustik

Advantages of KefaAkustik at a glance:

•    anti-rumbling with condensation protection

•    controls moisture

•    reduces resonance noise

•    versatile application

•    elastic

•    corrosion protection

•    temperature-resistant from -40 °C to +130 °C

•    emission-free

•    thermal insulation

•    almost no thermal stresses

•    almost no electrostatic discharging

•    vapour permeable

•    long-term effectiveness

•    protects goods and inventory

•    reduces dirt

•    Class A2 fire protection

•    straight-forward application

•    tintable

•    ready for use

•    environmentally compatible

Just less noise


Container sizes: 5 kg and 20 kg bucket, 1000 kg Fluidbag

KefaAkustik- simply ingenious, because physics never fails