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Kefa Drainputz - the multi-function plaster

Effective insulation for enduring renovations - for interior and exterior uses 

Makeup of the Kefa Drainputz system
Makeup of the Kefa Drainputz system
Saline bloom/basement wall
Saline bloom/basement wall
Basement renovated with Kefa Drainputz
Basement renovated with Kefa Drainputz

Versatile but not arbitrary

The Kefa Drainputz system controls moisture and ensures 'healthy' walls as a dehumidification, insulating, and fire-protection plaster for interior and exterior uses. It does so in an ingeniously simply way, since Kefa Drainputz is physics in action. Walls need to breath in order to avoid moisture problems, mould growth, saline bloom, or other damage on the building structure. The Kefa Drainputz system is proof that this involves no compromises in regards to thermal insulation. On the contrary: the moisture-controlling plaster also has insulating properties. The Kefa Drainputz system improves the indoor climate and protects walls and masonry against moisture and the resulting problems.

Kefa Drainputz – keeps your walls from 'drowning'

The Kefa Drainputz principle is ingeniously simple. A plaster that draws water from the walls with its micro-porous structure and transfers the water to the surface, where a micro-pore surface also helps it to evaporate. Walls and masonry dry quickly and continuously.

The Kefa Drainputz system is exceedingly suited for preventing as well as repairing moisture problems and the resulting damage. It also works as interior wall insulation and protects exterior facades against algae, moss growth, or weather damage. Because of its special characteristics, the Kefa Drainputz system can also be used in difficult applications, such as walls with saline exposure.

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The following three components together ensure a maximum of effectiveness, protection, and durability:

Bonding surface – as an effective priming surface

Drainputz – the highly-effective multi-talent for 'healthy' walls

Finish coat – KefaTherm Exterior for exterior, and KefaRid for interior applications

Please note: All components of the Kefa Drainputz system are moisture regulating and have a properly matched micro-pore structure. The bonding surface and finish coat cannot be substituted with other materials!

One principle – many functions

The Kefa Drainputz system takes advantage of physics. Its unique micro-pore structure creates a capillary effect to control moisture, allowing walls and masonry to dry and to stay permanently dry. Interior and exterior applications, as a precaution or for repairs, even under 'difficult' conditions. The Kefa Drainputz system allows walls to breath and reliably prevents water absorption, mould and moss growth, paint chipping, and other damage to the building structure. It also improves the indoor climate and is exceedingly suited  as insulating plaster because of its thermal insulating properties. Kefa Drainputz is the ideal solution for kitchens, basements, for interior insulation, or for dehumidification. Simple, cost-effective, and enduring.

Advantages of Kefa Drainputz at a glance:

•    controls moisture

•    insulates

•    removes water from walls

•    dry and warm surfaces

•    long-term effectiveness

•    protects the building structure over the long-term

•    meets fire-protection codes

•    straight-forward application

•    prevents water absorption

•    improves indoor climate

Simply drier and warm walls

Packaging: 50 l bag / 14.5 kg drain cleaning, wash primer: 15 kg bag

Kefa Drainputz - simply ingenious, because physics never fails