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KEFA - Always clean and dry surfaces

Hygienically perfect surfaces

Condensation protection - mould growth - no algae and moss on facades - noise damping with condensation protection

Permanent active surface coatings

The KEFA coatings always formes active surface structures. Such coatings are not only coloring as ordinary colors, but physics is acting here. In the surface of the KEFA coatings are millions of small pores - similar to the skin. These regulate the water / moisture so that the surfaces are quickly dry again. Mold, algae and moss can not exist on such surfaces. We call this a HEALTHY - HOUSE - SKIN. KEFA coatings can be used almost anywhere - preserving and protecting values.

MPORTANT is that the water is NOT kept in the surfaces, but the surfaces are dry again as quickly as possible!

The KEFA systems have been the solution to your problems since 1991!

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KefaRid - Mould protection coating

The enduring solution for indoors - for proper surface hygiene  

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KefaTherm - Condensation protection coating

The reliable path to permanently dry surfaces in areas with condensation risks  

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KefaTherm Exterieur - Ideal facade protection

 against algae and mossSelf-cleaning facade coating with long-term protection for exterior walls.  

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KefaAkustik - more quiet indoors

Noise-damping condensation protection coating against undesirable sounds.  

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